Friday, May 20, 2011

Walk Through a Wedding {Workshop} - Justin + Mary Marantz

Last year I attended Justin and Mary Marantz "Spread the Love" workshop.  There I was, my first workshop, in a room surrounded by photographers...awesome photographers...and I did not know a single person.  As I sat there listening to Mary talk about her life, Justin talking more about life and about the business, and the both of them talking about "Why" they do what they do, I was inspired.  Totally.Inspired!  I walked out of that room with a new outlook not only on photography, but about life.

This year...when I saw that Justin and Mary were coming back to San Francisco I got excited.  I got excited because this year, in addition to their "Spread the Love tour" they were also holding an all day "Walk Through a Wedding" workshop!!  I knew that I had to attend.  This year, I didn't feel alone.  My wedding photographer turned friend, Gladys (hi Gladys) and I carpooled together, and I met my friend Shea there (hi Shea) and Emily (hello Emily)...and I met a lot more wonderful photographers!! 

Justin and Mary, THANK YOU for being the people you are.  Thank you for being so open, so generous, and so shared so much of your lives with us, and I am truly honored that I had the chance to learn from you both.

There are many, many more images from the day, and I would share them if I could...but then this post would be even longer than it already is ;) 

Here is a "Walk Through a Wedding" :)

Such a beautiful dress...

They showed us a few tips on where to position purfume bottles and accesories...

Elizabeth looked absolutely beautiful...thank you to Lisa from Lisa's Hair-N-Makeup for her amazing make-up and hair!

All of us couldn't help but snap a few images of Elizabeth and Ryan as we waited outside of the church!

Elizabeth, you are stunning!

Justin and Mary showed us how a little off camera flash casts a slight glow behind the bride as she walks down the aisle!

 Here's Justin in action!!

The church was amazing...the light cast a warm glow over

See...look at this amazing light...and this is how Ryan was gazing at his wife the whole day :)

Since the 1940's theme of the workshop was "Boxcars and Bugle Boys" the reception part was held at "Bourbon & Branch" in San Francisco.  We were lead down to what felt like an secret, underground room, that was transformed into such a cool reception...with the most incredible details. this typewriter!!

Many, many thanks to Julia for not only being the cutest candy girl ever, but for just being awesomely (is that a word) cool, and for helping set up this amazing reception!!

Not only are Elizabeth and Ryan beautiful models, but they are also photographers!

Here are the cutest bridesmaids!

The workshop focused a lot on off camera lighting, something that I haven't always used.  I love the way these images turned can have such a different affect on the way an image turns out.

And...last but not favorite image of the whole day...



Monday, May 16, 2011

Walk Through a Wedding Sneak Peek {San Francisco}

I wanted to share just a few sneak peeks from a workshop I attended last week put on by the wonderful team of Justin & Mary Marantz!!  Stay tuned for a full post of the day!  

Enjoy :)

just a little bit of lovely details...and there is a lot more where this came from...


Monday, May 9, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area Photographer - Jaclyn + Matt {Engaged}

I am SO excited to share this engagement session!!  Not only are these two the cutest, most beautiful people ever...but Jaclyn is my cousin!!   We had such a fun day roaming around Crissy Field in the city, then heading over the the Palace of Fine Arts!  It was a perfect day in the city, a little windy, but the love felt between these two is magical!!  Jaclyn and Matt, thank you for having me document such an exciting and wonderful time in your lives!!  Congrats again on your engagement and I wish you lots of love and happiness!!

Here are just a few of my (many, many) favorites, and of course don't forget to see more images on the slideshow!!


Click here for the slideshow :)  Enjoy!