Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bay Area Engagement Photographer - Holly + Mark : Rohnert Park

He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She couldn't stop smiling at him.  The way they laughed together was infectious.  Holly and Mark met through mutual friends while living in Hawaii, and that is where their love story began.  I have known Holly since we both attended college together, and I was honored when she emailed asking if I would take her and Mark's engagement pictures.  Mark is deployed and has been away for 9 months.  He was home, but going back in two weeks...and knowing that they had been apart for so long, made this time spent together even-more-special.  Holly's face lit up as she relived the moment the two of them realized their friendship was more than that...it was turning into a romance...and as they say...the rest is "love story" history :)

When Holly and I were talking about different outfit choices, the vintage theme came up (and I was SO excited). When they got out of the car, I was even more excited!! I loved their outfit choices, and I LOVE that everything the two of them were wearing has a special meaning to them and their family. That is L-O-V-E.

Holly and Mark, thank you for letting me document this exciting time in your lives...Congratulations on your engagement, and continue loving each other the way you do :) 

be sure to check out the slideshow at the end :)

Click HERE to view a slideshow with more of this adorable, vintage engagement shoot...enjoy! 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jasmine Star Workshop - Orange County

I saw the email in my Inbox, it was the Jasmine Star Newsletter announcing "THE WORKSHOP"!  I have been following Jasmine's blog for a while now.  She is an amazing Wedding Photographer located in Orange County, CA...and her work is "FUN, FRESH, and FABULOUS"!  I knew the moment I read the details for the upcoming Workshop, I was going to try to sign up.  No hesitation.  I needed to go.  I needed inspiration, and inspiration was knocking at my inbox :)  When I got the next email saying "You're in", I was so estatic, I couldn't believe it!!!  I was one of 20 lucky photographers who's life was about to get shaken up and inspired!

The night before the workshop, a big group of us attendees met for dinner.  I traveled only from the Bay Area to Orange County, but there were ladies that traveled from FAR away...Washington DC, Canada, Arizona, Boston, Chicago, Puerto Rico...it really brought to life how much Jasmine has influenced our photography journey, and here we were, about to meet HER!  Even though she was feeling under the weather, Jasmine stopped by and hung out with us, talked and chatting away.  She really is just as cool as she is on her blog!  She met each one of us individually and rotated around the table...it was like we were all friends that had known each other for a long time (well, we did all get to know each other a little beforehand through Facebook...gotta love FB :)

The morning of the Workshop was here!  I picked up Mikaela from her hotel...she traveled all the way from Canada and is an amazing photographer!  There I was armed with all my Mapquest directions, from home to her hotel, to another hotel, to the workshop...and what do you know...yep, I got lost!  I was so embarressed.  Denise (another amazing photographer), had Jasmine call me, ME, to help give me directions...talk about a good first impression :)  But it all worked out, we got there within a few minutes, and the day was AMAZING!!  Jasmine is one of the coolest, down to earth, and just an all around wonderful person!  If any of you ever get the chance to attend one of her workshops, you should.  I walked away with a whole new outlook not only on where I want my business to go, but where I want my life to go!  Jasmine, THANK YOU!

On to the pictures!  There are a few people to thank...first the amazing models of the day were Joe and Jihan Cerda...um, they are like two of the most beautiful individuals ever, and they were so cool too!  Jihan is also a fellow photographer, and she rocked it out! 

Carissa of JL Designs created the amazing floral bouquet, beautiful! 

Vivian of All Made Up is pure perfection...it obvious that Jihan is beautiful, and Vivian did an amazing job on playing up her features! 

And JD, Jasmine's husband and second shooter, thank you for answering questions, helping with camera settings, and just being there!  You rock too :)

This was so cute, I didn't even want to use the pen :)

Jasmine, behind the scenes...doing her thing!

They really are SO cute together!

Here is another of Jasmine showing us how to position our couples...she is a master of her work in all ways!

The lighting was SO amazing...

Love laughter...

This is how Joe was looking at Jihan all day...pure LOVE...

One of my favorites (actually I love them all :)

Jasmine & JD, THANK YOU again for everything!! 

Here I am with the famous Jasmine :)

And here's the whole group!!  It was great meeting you all :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

and another peak...

I'm almost ready to post this engagement session...but until then, just one more sneak peak... ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sneak Peek : {L.O.V.E}

Coming soon : a sneak peek of an engagement session that I can't wait to share...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Newborn Photographer - {Baby Keegan}

Welcome Baby Keegan!!  I couldn't wait to take this little man's newborn pictures!!  Only about a week old, and I just couldn't believe how alert he was!!  He just couldn't stop starring at his mommy :)  Jenay, Shawn and Addie...congrats on this new addition to your already adorable family!  Love you guys!! 

Here's Keegan...

I love his little feet...

One of my favorites...actually, I love them all :)

Proud "Big Sister" Addie!!