Thursday, February 4, 2010

Uggs and rain...

For the past month of so, Northern California (and other parts of the state), has been hit pretty hard with rain (I can hear the rain falling as I type this!).  I like the rain.  I like curling up on the couch, reading a magazine, with the fireplace on, and watching the rain outside.  I hate being in rain.  I don't like getting all wet, and having to fight with the wind to keep my umbrella up (like I did today)!  So that brings me to my Uggs.  I got my first pair of Uggs for Christmas!  I love them...but I have only been able to wear them outside once since I unwrapped the wonderful package from underneath the Christmas tree.  I don't want to get them wet, and I'd be so sad if they got dirty already LOL!  I'm sure that once I start wearing them more, that I'll be ok with a little bit of dirt that might fall on them, but in the meantime, this is what they look like...just hanging out in the living room, all clean and just waiting to be worn!