Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fellow Photographer...and another {Sneak Peek}

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Candace of Prokopets Studio!  I came across her and her husband Vitaliy's blog a few months ago and since then, they have become one of my top daily photographers who I "blog stalk"...yes friends, I admit, I do go to many blogs a day!  And...sometimes I even visit the same blog twice, I know, can you believe it, hahaha :)  I had entered a contest on their blog about a month ago, and ended up winning a Starbucks gift card (thank you again, who doesn't love Starbucks)!  Since then, Candace and I have been Facebooking back and forth, and decided that we should meet up over breakfast and talk business and life.  And that's what we did.  From the moment we started talking, it seemed like we had been friends for a long time!  It was nice to be able to talk about photography and business with another photographer.  She was kind enough to give me a lot of valuable information, not only about "the business" but about their life experiences.  Thank you Candace for sharing with me, and next time, I hope to meet her other half, and the man behind the camera, Vitaliy!  Again, if you haven't checked out their work, you must!!

I'll end this post with another sneak peek...more to come soon!! 


Candace said...

It was a total blast! Thank you so much for coming to hang out!

I definitely LOVE the sneak peek and cant' wait to see the others.

Brandy Frank said...

yay for photographer friends!!