Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Things I love} B H L D N

I love everything Anthropologie. Really, everything in that store is just so beautiful. Even the little pouch that their gift cards come in are adorable! I get so excited when their catalog comes. I gain inspiration just from each photograph. It was about a week before my wedding when I started seeing the buzz on Facebook that Anthropologie was coming out with their very own wedding line! What!! I was a little sad that with only a few days left before my big day, I would be browsing their website at all the amazing shoes, dresses, and jewelry, knowing that I would never be able to incorporate any of it into my own wedding. But…it totally makes me so happy to see that all these beautiful details are available for all you brides out there! If you haven’t checked them out yet, you have to! You won't want to miss out on all the gorgeousness that is B H L D N.

For you brides out there (or anyone else who just wants to check it out) there is a quiz titled “What kind of bride are you” (it took me back to the days of quizzes in Teen Magazine :) You answer five questions and that’s it, you will find out what your wedding style is. I found out that I am a ”nostalgic romantic:” Then it takes you to an assortment of gowns, and jewelry that fit into this category. It’s cute; you have to check it out!!

Here are a few pieces from the "nostalgic romantic" collection :)

XO :)

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Look So Lovely said...

I was nostalgic romantic too! Maybe in 15 years when I finally get married we can incorporate all these beautiful jewelry and dresses!! We just can't forget ;-)