Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tonya Joy Photographer Workshop {Learning and Fun} : Part 1

I stumbled upon her blog one day, and ever since, I've been hooked!  Her pictures are bright and colorful, and FULL of love and emotion!  Tonya Joy is an amazing photographer out of Corona, CA.  A few months back, she posted that sign ups for her 3rd workshop were about to open, and I knew I had to go!  This year has been a year of growth, learning, networking, branching out and putting myself out there!  Tonya's workshop has been the 2nd workshop I've attended this year...and it didn't disappoint!  Tonya, thank you again for opening your house and heart, and teaching us how you work your magic!! 

Here is Part 1 : the Family Stylized Shoot :)

Styling and Designer: Tonya
Hair/Makeup Family Shoot:

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tonya joy said...

love these!!! please make sure you send them to kelsey!!! xoxo Tonya

GladysJem said...

liz! these are so awesome. i love the feel and style of the shoot! my bride is so talented ;)

Julie said...

LOVE the picture of the guys. There is such a connection between them and the viewer, also the picture of the girls is great. I would love to have a pic like that with my kids. Great job!