Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday..."THE DRESS"

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I just posted on Facebook..."is it wierd that I want to put my wedding dress back on, and hang out in it. just because. yes, that's how much I love it :) "  It's true, I loved my dress!  Right after we got engaged, I started looking online at different wedding blogs, and kinda became obsessed with them!!  They are filled with ALL sorts of inspiration, from the table number, to the bridesmaid dresses, flowers, cakes, and of course wedding DRESSES!!  When it was finally time to find "the dress", I went with a stack of printed out pages from the internet, as well as pages torn out of magazines.  Some of the dresses that I LOVED online, didn't look so good on lol!  There was this one dress...that I had seen online...the store didn't have it the first time I went in...but on my second trip was there!!! I knew I had to try it on..and the moment I put it on, I knew it was the one!!  Here is the dress online...LOVE IT! 

And here I am in my very own Desdemona, taken by the amazing Gladys Jem :)

and here's just another one of my favorites :)

ok, and one more...just because :)


Lauren said...

You looked ah-mazing in your dress! Such a beautiful bride! xo

Gladys said...

hahaha i love you. i wanna wear my wedding dress too. lets wear them together and shoot each other :)